Perimeter wire machine PWM600MH


This perimeter wire machine can bury up to 600 meters of wire per hour. Its revolutionary design offers high productivity and profitability! It is easily transported from one site to another, due to its small size and lightweight! You will be able to install wire from all robot manufacturers, thanks to its easy manoeuvrability.

The PWM600MH turns sharp corners with its small turning radius.

Its ergonomic adjustable multi-position handle with sideways pivot allows the operator to easily install the wire under hedges, shrubs and low branches!
Self-propelled by a 4-stroke Honda engine, it decreases operator effort considerably.

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Engine 4-stoke2.1 HP
Speed15 m/min
Weight30,5 kg

The PWM600MH machine was designed by professionals to optimise user’s working time with its numerous specifications. It allows to install wire from all robot manufacturers with its many configuration of reels. Moreover, the robot owner won’t worry about cut wires since this machine offers a precise wire depth insertion from 4 to 6 cm. The easy to change reversible hardened steel blade buries the wire in all soil types; normal, compacted or stony. Its sliding foot reduces the accumulation of debris around the blade and its axis, facilitates the insertion of the blade into the ground and prevents grass damage. These are just a few unique features of the PWM600MH and this is why it is the most efficient machine on the market!

  • Engine: HONDA GXH-50 2.1 HP – 4-stoke
  • Speed: 15 m/min
  • Wire depth: 4 to 6 cm
  • Handle : Adjustable multi-position
  • Wire: Install wire from all robot manufacturers
  • Tires: 4.10″ x 10″
  • Weight: 34,1 kg
  • Dimensions : 56 cm x 46 cm x 125 cm
    • (Packaging: 62 cm x 62 cm x 48 cm – 39 kg)
  • Warranty:
    • One (1) year limited
    • Engine: Honda International Warranty