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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the ‘WHERE TO BUY’ button that you will find in the banner at the top of this page. You will find the list of all resellers. If you cannot find a reseller in your area, we invite you to contact us directly. We can then guide you to the right resources.

You can choose between the dependable 4-stroke Honda GXH50 engine or electric brushless 1kW motor with the largest Li-Ion battery capacity on the market.

We invite you to consult the user manual for the steps to install the blade.

The compact size and low weight mean that the perimeter wire machines can be transported easily in a small vehicle. You can lower the swivel handle to save space. Also, if you are using the machine with Honda engine (600MH), it is highly recommended to put the fuel valve in the OFF position. For both machines, you could also remove the wire guide, the sliding foot and the blade in order to allow a good positioning and a good stowing of your machine.

The Perimeter Wire Machine is designed to use most of the wire spools supplied by the manufacturers of robots such as spools mounted on a drum, coils wound without a drum or even coils wound without form. Coils containing up to 800 meters of wire can be installed on the adjustable support, which includes a variety of spacers and a shock absorber to ensure a smooth run. Optional accessories are available for installing centerless coils and larger coils containing up to 1000 meters of wire. No matter what type of wire spools you use, there is a way to do it.

It is easy to transport the machine from the work area to another. Here are the instructions;
1. Loosen the clamping lever handle;
2. Rotate the handle vertically to the machine;
3. Lift the kickstand in front of the machine;
4. Pull or push the machine towards the work area.
You can also refer to the user manual for more details.

The Perimeter wire machine is provided with an adjustable edge distance guide that can be installed in the front of the back. It aligns the machine with the perimeter of the course and buries the wire at a distance ranging from 15 cm to 45 cm.
Using it is simple!
1. Unscrew the wing nut;
2. Position the distance rod at the desired distance, between 15 to 45 cm;
3. Screw in the wing nut.
NOTE: The 0 cm measure can be found on the left of the distance rod block. This part of the block is aligned with the blade.
You can also refer to the user manual for more details.

Click on the following link to consult the list of compatible batteries and chargers.

Refer to the Warranty Policy section.

Warranty Policy

Portable Winch Co. warrants its new products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal working conditions. See below for full details of our warranty policy.

*IMPORTANT* If you encounter a problem with your 600MH or 600MH-Li or any accessory, contact the distributor from whom you purchased the product or Portable Winch Co. directly for instructions. By email: [email protected] By phone, in Canada or the United States, call +1 888 388-7855. For other countries, call +1 (819) 563-2193.

Original owner” is defined as the person or entity that purchased a product as evidenced by the original invoice.
This warranty does not apply to items sold “as is”.
The warranty is transferable from one user to another, provided the new purchaser has a copy of the original invoice.




 Perimeter wire machines




 1 year



 1 year





 Honda International Warranty



 Portable Winch International Warranty


This warranty covers the structural components and all other components of the products from the date of delivery of the product to the end customer. Within these periods, the customer must inform the authorized dealer or distributor and make the product available for repair. The distributor will complete the warranty claim and forward it to our warranty department within 30 days of the product repair to receive a credit.


All defective parts must be retained for future inspection. Failure to return these parts upon request by Portable Winch Co. will automatically void the warranty claim. Replaced or repaired parts will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty period of the product on which they were installed or repaired or the warranty period of such parts, if any. The warranty period of the product cannot be extended due to the period of non-use caused by repair, demonstration, inspection, or return of rental.


Portable Winch Co.’s sole obligation under this warranty is limited, at its option, to the repair or replacement of the product at no charge to either Portable Winch Co. or one of its distributors. All freight charges are the responsibility of the customer. Unless otherwise specified in writing, this warranty is not a warranty of performance or productivity.


Portable Winch Co. reserves the right to make changes or improvements to its products without obligation to its customers. For any modification or improvement, when a claim for repair or replacement is made, Portable Winch Co. shall not be obligated to make such modifications or improvements but may do so, at its discretion, at the customer’s expense, on the product or parts already sold.




This warranty, as a whole, does not cover maintenance or wear parts and consumables for Portable Winch Co. 600MH or 600MH-Li Perimeter Wire Machine models. This includes but is not limited to lubricating greases and oils, filters, parts subject to friction when in contact with the ground, perimeter wire or any other part that shows evidence of negligence, overloading, abuse, accident, improper maintenance, improper storage or use, or unauthorized alteration. No warranty claim shall apply in the following cases :


a) Product damaged while in transit or in storage ;

b) All costs of transporting the product or part for inspection and/or repair;

c) All costs incurred for additional repairs or modifications in addition to the warranted repair;

d) All costs incurred to find and diagnose a problem;

e) All costs for the use of the same product when the original product is under warranty repair;

f) All costs incurred for communications and transportation while the product is under warranty repair;

g) Product on which the identification number or serial number has disappeared.


All parts or components not manufactured by Portable Winch Co. are covered by their respective manufacturers and not by Portable Winch Co. However, Portable Winch Co. may administer claims for these parts, with the exception of Honda engines.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Portable Winch Co. customer service:

+1 888 388-7855 / +1 (819) 563-2193.


Any modifications made to a Portable Winch Co. product without the authorization of Portable Winch Co. and/or repairs made with parts not first approved by Portable Winch Co. will automatically void this warranty. Portable Winch Co. reserves the right to void the warranty on its products if unauthorized repair or alteration is made to the product.


Items that may automatically void the warranty are, but are not limited to, the following:

– A change affecting the performance or reliability of the product.

– The results of use that does not follow the instructions in the user manual provided by the manufacturer.

– Failure to maintain the machine according to the manufacturer’s user manual.






Portable Winch Co. shall not be liable for any damages, whether accidental or resulting from operator negligence and it is understood that this warranty is the sole right and remedy of the customer or user.